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We are a home grown weight loss program offering a straightforward approach to health. This is a back to basics program utilizing real foods (groceries/restaurant / occasional fast food). We do not believe in mandatory or essential products like pills, supplements, protein shakes, bars or injections. Our approach is one that deals with changing and transforming behaviours when it comes to food. 

With 20 years of extensive work in the weight loss field, we have developed a program that is equal parts knowledge, moderation, motivation, and hard work.

Work Out Clothes

Our motivational weight loss coach will keep you focused and inspired during your weight loss journey. 

A certified physical fitness trainer is available to customize exercise routines or to answer any general questions about physical fitness.


2 medical doctors are on staff to monitor and ensure healthy incremental weight loss. 


We prepare programs for clients with any medical or dietary concerns.


Our mission is to treat each client with respect, dignity, and honesty. Our one-on-one approach offers realistic solutions to our clients allowing them to achieve healthy weight loss goals.

We hope to instill integrity back into an industry that is meant to help people.

Holistic Health Solutions - Weight Solution Inc. Interview
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I'm thankful for winning Weight Solutions contest, Marilena has been my savior. I haven't lost that much weight but I finally have my diabetes under control. My blood sugar was anywhere from 8 to as high as 23 this past winter and spring. I'm happy to report they are now between 4 & 7 in the morning. I have been take off 2 of my diabetic meds already, hopefully more will follow. I know now that my weight will also come down, slowly but surely. Thank you Marilena from the bottom of my heart!! I just wanted to state more so then losing weight its about being healthy. I always say as long as you are healthy first the weight loss will come. Thanks so much Weight Solution Inc.

 - FLAVIA - 


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10123 - 157 Street, Suite 202
Edmonton, Alberta T5P 2T9

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm

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